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SAE Logistics: Your Local Courier

For most businesses that involve delivering products to clients, it is of paramount importance to work with a reliable company that offers a same day or next day courier services. When you’ve got an important item you need delivered, you deserve the peace of mind that your package is in good hands and will be delivered in a timely manner. While many people opt to send their packages via large companies such as UPS or FedEx, there are a number of benefits to using a smaller, local company. Find out how to benefit your business with our 7 top reasons to use a local courier service from SAE Logistics…

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Summing up Same Day Delivery: Why getting it right matters

Same Day delivery is a term which can often be misunderstood, so hopefully we can help to clear up some of the confusion. Same Day Delivery is a dedicated, bespoke delivery which moves something from A to B. If something is urgent, important, fragile or valuable, the best way to get it delivered…     > Read more

Why Customer Experience Matters – Delivering Reliable Solutions

Customer foremost – that is the mission of any successful logistics company, whether it’s big, or small. Without a customer, the logistics industry can’t work and without logistics in supply chain, a business can’t survive. But to retain customers; the logistics industry has to prioritize offering the best possible experience.…     > Read more

February Focus: The challenges of Brexit and top tips to smooth your transition

As we enter a new month we look back on January with a certain amount of relief that it is over, and with renewed optimism in the logistics industry’s learning post Brexit.

Following the long-awaited conclusion of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement …     > Read more

Shipments to and from EU, ROW & Northern Ireland

All shipments going outside of the UK must be accompanied by a Commercial Invoice. SAE Logistics will not ship your goods until this information, in full, has been received. Mandatory Commercial Invoice requirements Commercial Invoice Number, Shippers address + EORI number + VAT number + Contact Name + Phone + email address… > Read more

Are you ready for the end of the Brexit transition period?

Our priority is to not only protect our own team members but of course any visitors to our site. We would ask that you only visit when there is an essential need. I am sure that you understand and agree with our position to help us maintain high standards in attempting to prevent the transference of this disease. Social distancing, in line with Government Guidelines… > Read more

Every problem has a solution

We know that 2020 has been tough for everyone – personally as well as presenting huge challenges for businesses. SAE have had a huge job to maintain the logistics required for businesses to operate and indeed to work together to find unique solutions. Throughout the Covd-19 period SAE have continued to provide all customers with the high levels of service… > Read more

SAE help “fight” back against poverty

SAE were proud to play their part in a huge effort to deliver Food Aid Packages to those in need. Recently boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, along with his family, visited the Blenheim Children’s Centre in Southend to support the Yianis Christodoulou foundation as they delivered food and educational packages to vulnerable children … > Read more

Deliveries into and out of Northern Ireland

As I am sure you are aware, effective as of Friday 16 October, Northern Ireland have entered into a 4-week circuit break in the hope of breaking the rise in Coronavirus cases. It has been announced that this is not a return to a full lockdown but that non-essential business sectors and industry types within the region may be affected… > Read more

Countdown to Brexit: Your Business Checklist

Working with a wide variety of business throughout the UK and Worldwide, SAE Logistics have been extra busy over the last few months helping our customers to prepare for Brexit which is scheduled on 31st January at 11pm. We have been working hard updating internal systems and processes, as well as assisting customers to bring in (and store) extra stock… > Read more

Donation update

Whilst January is often plagued by the blues, SAE helped local community school Maple Cross JMI imagine sunnier times, as they presented 5 new picnic benches donated in lieu of client gifts at Christmas The SAE distinctive van, pulled onto the school site, and intrepid management and the office team unloaded the brand new picnic benches where instructed….. > Read more

Top Tips for Custom’s Clearance Success

Getting one of your freight shipments held up by customs can result in frustrating (and costly) delays, especially if the goods awaiting customs clearance are to be sold at retail. Not only that, but with the potential of some rather steep penalties for non-compliance, it’s crucial to follow correct customs procedure at all costs to ensure no additional costs or charges on your cargo…. > Read more

 SAE Achieves Organic Certification

Here at SAE logistics we are proud to have achieved the rigorous qualifications to enable us to be one of the few organic certified warehouse fulfilment centres in the country. Certified by the Organic Food Federation (GB-ORG-04), our accreditation, working practices and logistics services allow us to offer our customers… > Read more

SAE Logistics | SSHHH it’s a secret…SSHHH it’s a secret…

SAE are often entrusted with projects that require the strictest confidence, tightest schedules, utmost professionalism and intricate problem solving. We also love a good story so if you are sitting comfortably, we will fill you in – where we can of course – on our latest tale of adventure….

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Milking it – UK businesses call on SAE’s expertise to help attract the best students

It has literally been “back to school” for SAE this September, as businesses call on a trusted logistics partner to assist with their entire exhibition needs. SAE has been up and down the country helping to showcase major UK businesses to students – and attracting the top talent has never been more competitive.

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SAE pass ISO 9001 and 14001 re-accreditations with flying colours

SAE are immensely proud to have been re-accredited with their prestigious ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and 14001 (Environmental) awards this week…

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Area Restrictions Following Incidents in the UK

We appreciate the patience and understanding of all our customers while area restrictions have been in place – affecting delivery routes and times. We, as ever, have been persevering to meet deadlines and are extremely proud of our team for going above and beyond to make sure our service is unaffected…..

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Adding a touch of spice to your logistics requirements

SAE would like to welcome one of our latest customer Spice Sanctuary, Canada to the UK market. We are pleased to provide them with a wide range of services including importing goods from overseas, specialist storage, handling, order fulfilment, and distribution…

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Urgent perfume delivery! Time was of the essence

When it came to this perfume delivery, time really was of the essence. The client required a range of niche premium perfumes, to be delivered from a London location, to the department owned main distribution centre in the midlands…

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