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Why Customer Experience Matters – Delivering Reliable Solutions

Customer foremost – that is the mission of any successful logistics company, whether it’s big, or small. Without a customer, the logistics industry can’t work and without logistics in supply chain, a business can’t survive. But to retain customers; the logistics industry has to prioritize offering the best possible experience.

Customer experience can face a few hurdles. Can you increase the speed limit for vehicles on the motorway? Make a steamship sail faster? Control customs or magically reduce wait times at the ports? Unfortunately for logistics companies, there are many factors that deeply impact our customer’s experience that we can’t change.

What we can control is a commitment to customer service

That’s why quality customer service has become the biggest business differentiator in the logistics industry and why we commit to exceptional customer experience at SAE. So how do we do it?

We communicate quickly and thoroughly to build trust

Whether it’s a new business inquiry or a question about an existing order, our customers want one thing when they reach out to us: Answers.

“When it comes to customer service, our #1 priority is communication,” said Nick Bousfield, Operations Manager “We want to communicate with customers as quickly as possible, and as thoroughly as possible. We want them to know as much as we know.”

Our teams, who excel at customer service, prioritize speed, consistency, and honesty in their customer communication. Speed of communication is the essence of customer service. The faster you deliver information, the faster you can act — and that’s what customers want

We value consistency and honesty. Our customers know we are going to give them everything — the good the bad and the ugly. We don’t promise that we will automatically know every answer, but instead, we assure them that we’re going to get them the solution they need.

Minimise customer touch points with our team

When you submit an enquiry or need an update on your collection or delivery, it’s frustrating to get passed from one person to another. Whether that initial contact is by email, phone or website, you don’t want to hear from several members of the team —you just want to feel confident that your logistics provider can give you what you need. At SAE we give our customers a dedicated account manager – one call, one person, one solution.

Chris Bousfield says that this is key, “At SAE, our team is able to collaborate in real time to solve any issues before they even reach the customer. In the unpredictable and time sensitive world of supply chain, rapid internal communication is key to delivering results”

We make customer service memorable for your customers

As a third-party logistics company, we have two types of customer experiences to focus on. Our customers’ experience and their customers’ experience. Acting as an extension of our customer’s team and as an integral part of their supply chain, we must focus on not only their needs but also the needs of their customers. A company’s reputation is based on your customers’ experiences. They want a simple and frictionless experience when working with a brand. When it comes to meeting needs and building both loyalty and trust, customer service is essential. Creating a unique, efficient, and personalized service, that is both flexible and reliable, can have a tremendous impact.

With the right logistics solutions in place, you can give real-time information, solve problems, keep your customers posted, and develop a relationship that can retain them. Part of customer experience means being responsible for upholding the brand image and expectations. As the ‘last touch’ before a product arrives on a consumer’s doorstep, it is our job to ensure all of our customers’ products arrive when they are expected and in pristine condition.

Customers may never see our trucks, our warehouse, our committed drivers and handling operatives, or even their own products. This is why we believe customer service is so important — it’s what our customers will remember about their experience.

If you want to experience how SAE can help your business, then get in touch with our team today.