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Medical Logistics

SAE’s experienced healthcare and medical logistics services are discreet, reliable and highly specialist. We are proud to be entrusted with the transport, storage and fulfilment of complex equipment and medical devices directly to patients, hospitals, medical units and operating theatres.

We combine process knowledge, strong relationships and specialised employee training to help our customers and partners achieve all of their patient care goals. The expert team at SAE is one of our greatest assets. We believe that with well trained, pro-active colleagues, we are able to deliver the high level of service that you will require.

Our experience means that we are also innovative in providing cost effective solutions to industry problems. We are experts in ensuring that your packages get to the right people at the right location and at the right time! Even if this means thinking outside the box to deliver hand-to-hand on specific wards or theatres and not just dropping off at Goods Inward.

“Using SAE’s network of logistics partners has helped us to cut our delivery/collection failure rate by more than 40% and significantly improve the service we give to our hospitals.”

Client satisfaction is at the forefront of our service and out-of-hours deliveries are always available on request. Our dedicated medical service includes:

  • Specialist storage with FEFO management for peace of mind

  • Full audit control

  • Clear communication with patients or medical units

  • Bespoke stock management system for any-time stock movements

  • Recording of batch or serial numbers for unique identification by the UK MHRA & US FDA

  • Out-of-hours service

  • Delivery direct to patients or anywhere within a medical unit

  • Assembly of large medical equipment in theatre

From exceptional customer care to dependable and dedicated service. When you need a medical logistics partner you can rely on, SAE will deliver on every level.

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To find out how we can assist you with your requirements, please call us on
01895 825258 or email info@saelogistics.com.

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