Environmental Responsibilities

We all know how much of an impact waste is having on our environment, here at SAE we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.


It is inevitable that as an operator of commercial vehicles we leave a carbon footprint, however, we carefully manage this and try to give back where we can.

For example, we route our vehicles so that there are no unnecessary journeys, our vehicles meet the latest Department of Transport engine specifications, and all vehicles are serviced and maintained regularly to reduce CO2 emissions.

To further help with CO2 emissions SAE support organisations by donating trees to be planted in schools and local areas, we feel this is important to be an active and responsible business within our local community.

As a licensed waste carrier and waste transfer centre we see lots of different types of waste pass through our warehouse. We work hard to minimise any waste that will end up in land fill sites.

Where possible we re-cycle cardboard cartons when making customer orders ready for shipment. Our promise to everyone is that no carton will bear any information that is inappropriate or would contain information that could compromise another customer.

Plastic pallet wrap is a large proportion of the waste that is produced along with broken wooden pallets. All paper, surplus cardboard and all soft plastic is sent to a major re-cycling company and pallets are supplied to a large pallet manufacturer based in Dunstable for re-furbishment.

Any hard or rigid plastic such as file folders, are also re-cycled often ending up as drainpipes or used to produce plastic flowerpots.

SAE are happy to provide more specialist Waste Services including WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and secure Clinical / Medical waste services. Our site is registered and certified to provide these services.

We take both our own and our customers responsibilities very seriously, and act appropriately and correctly to ensure that your reputation is maintained at all times.

SAE Logistics are full members of the RHA (Road Haulage Association) who work closely with Government to create standards recognised worldwide within our industry.


We provide a breadth of expertise to make it happen just the way you want it.

To find out how we can assist you with your requirements, please call us on

01895 825258 or email info@saelogistics.com.


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