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Summing up Same Day Delivery: Why getting it right matters

Same Day delivery is a term which can often be misunderstood, so hopefully we can help to clear up some of the confusion. Same Day Delivery is a dedicated, bespoke delivery which moves something from A to B. If something is urgent, important, fragile or valuable, the best way to get it delivered is by a Same Day courier. We’ve been doing Same Day delivery at SAE Logistics for 45 years, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about.

Typical examples of products which require a Same Day delivery service might include:

Medical : Pathology samples which are extremely time critical or essential medical equipment

Engineers: Time critical parts required for planes, cars or technical equipment Legal documents: Court papers handed directly to a Barrister in time for trial

Live events: Exhibition stands and marketing materials with complex delivery instructions

At SAE, we have numerous stories of successful Same Day deliveries in unusual circumstances. How about the time we were found rushing Mick Jagger’s favourite microphone to him just before he goes on stage or helping Aerospace technicians to ensure a successful countdown to blast off.  SAE has also been especially proud to deliver urgent medical supplies how and when it matters, particularly in this last 18 months.

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But I don’t need it delivered on the Same Day…

Some of the confusion around Same Day terminology is that the name focuses on, the delivery taking place within the Same Day. Yes, this is an option, but the real power behind a Same Day delivery, is that the customer can demand very specific delivery instructions. The most important thing to remember, is that it’s a bespoke and controlled service.

Examples of Same Day instructions from our customers:

The flight is leaving for an important business meeting in 3 hours and we are missing a passport – please collect and meet at the terminal in 1hour.”

The equipment needs to be delivered to the fifth floor and the lifts don’t work, please use the stairs.

Please carry it upright.

“Call 30 minutes before you arrive.”

This sample must get to the laboratory asap. You will need to wait for the results and courier them back.

The engineer must receive the part within the next two hours as the entire network is down and he doesn’t have one on site.

We have roads with restricted access so you will need to find an alternative route and unload a short walk from the delivery point.

Please place 12 Kangaroo statues around London between 2 am and 6am.  They will need to be secured.

Same Day fulfilment

The pandemic has certainly heightened the demand and evolution of e-commerce, which in turn, necessarily requires Same Day fulfilment. SAE can do traditional Same Day deliveries nationally – picking up from A and delivering to B (primarily B2B). But we also do Same Day from our warehouse site – direct to consumer.

Same Day delivery to the consumer utilises the Same Day approach, which we’ve mastered with our critical deliveries, and applied to our (less critical) consumer deliveries.

Consumers clearly attach a value to Same Day delivery, and paying extra for a Same Day is a natural next step that we must see coming. So whether you need Same Day Delivery for B2B or B2C, SAE has a delivery service to meet your needs.

If you want to discuss your Same Day Delivery requirements or get a free quote, please feel free to call us today on 01895 825258.