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SAE are often entrusted with projects that require the strictest confidence, tightest schedules, utmost professionalism and intricate problem solving. We also love a good story so if you are sitting comfortably, we will fill you in – where we can of course – on our latest tale of adventure, mystery and suspense – but don’t worry the good guys (the Resistance) always come out on top.

Not so long ago in a land far far away ……. well the darkest depths of Basildon to be precise, the team at SAE have just set off with an enormous wooden crate and frames in one of our specialist trucks for urgent delivery. Now, this was not the usual type of shipment but a crate just under 11 meters in length and frames almost 6m. The crate contained a piece of equipment considered to be the largest in the UK and highly anticipated for a very special launch event happening before Christmas.

Back to the story . . . .In a land even further away, Canada to be exact, we arranged for a 40′ deep sea container to be loaded and shipped to the UK. Whilst on the high seas we made sure that correct documentation was lodged with HM Customs as we needed a fast and smooth entry through Southampton. Having paid huge import duties and taxes SAE took delivery at our warehouse in WD3 9XS and unloaded the crate and other equipment. It was a challenge removing an 11m long wooden crate from the rear of a container but in our usual way we overcame all the obstacles. We wished we had some sort of lance that lights up and allowed us to magically lift things in the air!

Our tale doesn’t end there. Everyone loves a happy ending – especially at SAE.

Delivery was urgently required in Basildon at a precise time to meet up with a large labour force as the crates contents had to be very carefully unloaded and man handled into position. With the frame erected and the crates content secured and stretched into place, the show is ready to begin.

There is no “try” at SAE only “do”. Despite very short timescales we successfully imported an unusual and awkward piece of freight, stored whilst the site was made ready and finally delivered all on time and within budget. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to “force” us into revealing the details .. .just yet…. but Luke and Hans were very impressed with our services!!

If you have any awkward, unusual or abnormal loads that need storing and delivering, contact the experienced Op’s Team at SAE.

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