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It’s that time again, when the new year leads everyone to make predictions about what we can look forward to in 2022. We’ve got our own list for our area of expertise — the logistics industry — and over this series of short blogs, we’d love to share our thoughts on the trends, ideas and movements that will define the next 12 months. 

So here’s our first thoughts of 2022 to help support your business. 

  1. Last Mile Delivery

The last-mile model encapsulates end-to-end delivery, where the goods are delivered straight to the customer directly from the warehouse. Recently, last mile has become the industry standard, which is why it is no longer “recommended” – it is expected. Customers demand fast, accurate and cheap (if not free) delivery and failing to provide it is a major handicap in the market.

Last mile is generally a huge challenge for SME businesses, as large global brands like Amazon already have their delivery system perfected. Smaller businesses have to rely on third-party logistics, however 2022 might be the year when they shift to last mile as a service. 

The major benefit this solution offers is that it tends to be more cost effective than partnering up with third-party delivery companies like DHL or FedEx. This way businesses will be able to provide a more personalized customer experience, thus strengthening their brand image even further.

And the trend overall is certainly beneficial for the business owners as well as their clients, and solutions that will certainly prove popular in the next year will establishing fruitful relationships with local logistics companies that can offer this end to end solution.

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