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When it came to this perfume delivery, time really was of the essence. The client required a range of niche premium perfumes, to be delivered from a London location, to the department owned main distribution centre in the midlands.

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”
Coco Chanel
With this in mind, SAE set about planning the best way to deliver the delicate perfumes – in time for Christmas rush.

The client opted for SAE’s 24 hour delivery service to complete the delivery overnight. Due to the nature of the items, suitable pallets and careful handling was exercised to ensure the safety of the fragile and expensive perfume bottles. SAE used a 7.5ft curtain lorry to store the large order safely and efficiently.

Achieving the timely deliveries was down to careful planning and 24hr service provided by SAE. Thanks to our experienced drivers, the client was thrilled with the safe and speedy delivery.