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SAE would like to welcome one of our latest customer Spice Sanctuary, Canada to the UK market. We are pleased to provide them with a wide range of services including importing goods from overseas, specialist storage, handling, order fulfilment, and distribution.

We asked Spice Sanctuary to tell you a little bit more about their great range of products:

“Frustrated by a lack of access to high quality, additive free fresh and flavourful spices and lack of provenance available, the Spice Sanctuary offers a collection of multi-award winning, premium and certified organic specialty spices and spice blends that sets a standard higher than organic. Perfect for the discerning foodie, these spices are proof that not all spices are created equal.

Backed by clear provenance, Spice Sanctuary spices are ethically sourced directly from single estate farms and co-ops and subject to further selective sourcing for premium grades. They  are all hand harvested and minimally processed to protect their essential and volatile oils.

Designed to elevate the versatility and purity of flavour available, from the unique breakfast spice blend, Sweet Delight to our Turkish Sumac our spices and spice blends also effectively reduce sodium and sugar intake because of our commitment to clean and sustainable ingredients – all certified organic, never irradiated, never fumigated, always non-GMO, and free from silicon dioxide, maltodextrin, any other non-spice ingredients.

Embracing the renaissance of cooking at home and rising consumer interest in whole foods and consumer foods, old and new world and smoked multi-purpose products such as our Thai It Right, Jamaican Me Tasty, Smoked Cumin and Golden Milk/Turmeric Latte solve the challenge faced by consumers in either accessing the right spices for specific cuisines and cluttering the spice cupboard in the process or in incorporating more spices into their diet in easy ways that actually work. Suitable for all dietary preferences from plant based diets to meat lovers, there is something for everyone and this exciting premium line is now available in the UK across select stores and online”