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Here at SAE Logistics we are always well prepared for every eventuality and are used to the conditions the UK winters can send our way.  When it comes to winter driving, it’s vital that you’re well prepared too. At this time of year, you never know what the weather will do next and the conditions on the roads can make even the shortest of journeys trickier than usual.

Our expert drivers offer their top tips for what items they don’t leave home without to help keep you safe on the road this winter.

Your winter driving kit list

To ensure that you’re ready for anything this winter season, here are a few essentials that you might want to keep in your car.

De-icer and an ice scraper

There’s no denying that de-icer and an ice scraper are two winter driving essentials. In the UK, it’s a legal requirement to ensure your front and rear windscreens are clear before driving. So that you can clear your car quickly, it pays to have these must-haves in your car at all times during the winter months.

Jump leads

The battery in your car could fail at any time, but it’s more likely to happen in cold weather. So, to make sure that you’re not caught out this winter, you could keep a set of jump leads in your car.

An in-car mobile phone charger

Running out of phone battery is never good – especially if you get lost or break down. In situations like these, it’s more than likely that you’ll need your mobile to call for assistance or find your bearings.

Reflective warning signs

Ideally, you should keep two in your car, so in the event that you break down, you can position one at the front of your vehicle and one at the back. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use them on motorways as it’s not safe to do so.

A torch

On a dark winter’s evening, the thought of pulling over at the side of the road can be frightening. So that you can see what you’re doing, make sure you have a torch to hand.

Warm clothing and blankets

If you break down on your travels, it’s likely you’ll have to stand outside your vehicle while you wait for assistance. It’s important that you have some warm clothing to wear, such as a thick coat, scarf, gloves, and a hat. You could also keep some blankets in your car to ensure you and your passengers stay warm despite the dropping temperatures.

Suitable footwear

It’s important that you always drive in sensible, comfortable footwear. However, it’s also a good idea to keep a separate pair of shoes with good grip (such as boots) in your car during the winter months.

Food and drinks

Breaking down at the roadside isn’t ideal – but it can be made even worse if you end up being stranded with an empty stomach. It pays to make sure your car is stocked with food and drinks. Go for snacks that are non-perishable, such as cereal bars and crisps, and don’t forget to pack a few bottles of water too.

A pair of sunglasses

Even in the winter, the sun can affect your visibility when you’re behind the wheel. When it’s lying low, the sun’s glare can make it difficult to see the road in front of you.

So now you have some of the essentials to pack for your trip – but what about the journey itself? Safety behind the wheel is key!  Driving in bad conditions is a challenge for the most experienced of drivers. Why not check out our top tips for winter driving here.

If your business wants to leave the driving to the experts this winter, check out our Transport solutions. There will never be a frosty welcome from us!