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For many years at Christmas, SAE have made donations to a number of charities and charitable organisations in need of funds. Rather than send clients cards, which end up in the rubbish bin, and provide gifts, we would rather do something more worthwhile.

We are proud to have supported local schools and the community in our area throughout the years by supplying road safety equipment and information as well as much needed equipment in the local community centre, and of course, the trees we donated to Maple Cross JMI last year which have been maturing nicely to create an amazing outside area for playtime and Forest School.

So this year we wanted to continue the work we have been doing working in our local community..

This Christmas we will be continuing our support of our local primary school Maple Cross JMI in the name of all of our valued customers. Spending time outside is important for emotional and physical wellbeing. Having consulted closely with the Head Teacher it was decided that SAE would continue to promote and encourage the children’s’ use of outdoor space, both for recreational and lesson time.
So I’m afraid you won’t be receiving a card or bottle of wine this year, as we will be investing in buying 5 brand new picnic benches. These benches would be able to be used by all the children – including the pre-school and after-school clubs in the surroundings of their new woodland area.

We hope that you understand our preference to give back locally. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting us with your business in 2019 and wish you a healthy and happy 2020. We hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends over the festive period and a very Happy Christmas.

RE: Covid – 19 Coronavirus Outbreak

20 March 2020

Please be advised that SAE Logistics will no longer permit visitors to our offices and warehouse.

This action has been taken to restrict as much as possible any opportunity of transference of the virus to SAE Team Members.

Deliveries and Collections into and out of our warehouse will continue to be accepted at all times during our standard working hours however, we will instruct all drivers visiting our site to stay a safe distance of at least 2m from being in direct contact with our guys.

Our warehouse operatives will wear gloves whilst receiving and releasing goods, will only touch paperwork with gloved hands and will no longer sign directly onto any surface that could transfer the virus. We will happily provide our receivers name as acknowledgment of receipt of goods.

SAE delivery drivers will also adopt a similar process in reverse – we will not permit our drivers to come into close contact with anyone else whilst making deliveries, we will no longer ask for paperwork to be signed but will ask all receivers for their name which we will enter onto our own internal systems.

I am sure that I can count on your support with these basic measures. We are doing everything possible to safeguard our valued Team Members and of course it is our intention to continue to supply the excellent services SAE are known for.

Should you have any questions, please contact

Thank you for your support.