Our Storage Services

Secure Self Storage Rickmansworth

At SAE, we’re experts in providing both businesses and individuals in Rickmansworth and the surrounding areas with a range of professional self-storage services. From secure warehouse units of varying sizes to store your equipment, stock or documents, to 20ft containers or space in our external storage yard. Our premises based in Rickmansworth is ideal for quick and easy access to all motorway networks (including M25, M1, M40 and M4) and into London in under 30 minutes.

We have a range of services available to suit your individual needs and your budget and provide:

  • 24/7 floodlit storage access
  • Short, medium or long term rent
  • Personal or commercial solutions
  • Secure, dry and ventilated
  • State of the art CCTV
  • Forklift service available
  • Transport and courier services on site

To enquire contact our team today on 01895 825258.


SAE offer 20ft storage container hire at competitive prices for when you need a temporary storage solution. We supply weatherproof, highly secure shipping containers to rent with heavy duty flooring – perfect for storing a variety of goods and equipment. Situated on our secure site, they provide an ideal storage solution.  We have a limited selection of container accessories available with your container, to enhance security and usability such as container ramps, padlocks and more.


We are highly experienced in providing 20ft storage container hire and is our most highly sought-after standard size of container.

Hiring a storage or shipping container is a cost-effective and popular means of providing storage for construction sites, factories, businesses and households. We currently have a wide variety of clients including removal companies and people moving house, temporary storage for furniture during house renovations; builders, carpenters and other tradesmen; maintenance engineers; excess stock storage for businesses; magazine distributors; e-commerce businesses, car and motorcycle enthusiasts; long term storage for people working abroad; archive storage.  Whatever your needs, our self-storage options give you both a flexible and practical solution.


How much fits in a container?

A 20ft shipping container has about 150 sq ft of space and can hold the contents of a 2-bedroom flat – approx. 2o double mattresses.

How much does it cost?

Our 20ft containers are rented at £200 PCM.

What is the minimum rental period?

Our minimum rental period is 4 weeks.

What is the minimum notice period?

Our notice period is 4 weeks.

Do you provide insurance?

No, you will need to arrange cover for your goods.

What can I store?

You can store almost anything in your unit. The exceptions are:

  • Living items such as animals and birds
  • Unauthorised items such as firearms etc
  • Hazardous materials such as explosives and flammable liquids
  • Items that could decompose such as foodstuffs


Can I see a unit before I hire it?

Yes, people can visit our premises to see the units prior to hiring one. Just call in and see us during our opening hours or call to book a visit.

How often can I have access to my goods?

You have unlimited access to your goods 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What are your office hours?

We are open from 0800 until 1730 Monday to Friday.

Can you receive deliveries on my behalf?

If you are happy to leave a key with us we can receive deliveries and put them in your unit.

Is there a fork lift available on site?

We have a fork lift and qualified drivers available at all times.

Are there any things I should bear in mind before moving into my unit?

Place heavy and large items on the bottom and stack lighter boxes etc. on top. Remember to leave things you may require at the front of the unit for easy access. Remember not to keep important documents such as passports in your unit.

Ensure all washing machine and dishwashers are drained of water and that fridges and freezers are defrosted. Any moisture entering your unit could be a source of condensation, water damage and mould.

If storing items with a fuel tank (lawn mowers, strimmers etc.) ensure fuel is completely drained before storing.

Breakables should be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them.