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Hands up?  Who has given up their health-kick already this January?  Whilst those pesky treats have already started making their way back into the office at SAE Logistics, our commitment to health remains strong.  That is, in terms of our dedication to those serving the industry (rather than sticking to the diet!)

Successful fulfilment and delivery services are about understanding an organisation’s needs and creating the most efficient and workable solutions to meet them. It’s also about industry knowledge and experience. and no more so than when supporting the medical and healthcare sectors. For many large pharmaceutical and medical equipment clients, who SAE have served as a medical courier for many years, a late delivery or missed fulfilment can have serious consequences. This is why we have developed a close relationship with our clients, so we can consistently deliver and strive for the very best service. Here, we look at how we support these vital services.

Express same day courier

For the medical sector, knowing that there is an express same day courier who will always be on-hand is a must. SAE provides this quick turnaround service for life-saving equipment and medication. We deliver hand to hand in some of the country’s busiest hospitals and have developed a secure and reliable team to ensure goods get where they need to on-time.

Fast and secure delivery network

As well as same day services, we also handle next day and consignment orders for our medical and healthcare clients. This includes the despatch of operational instruments for use in hospitals and clinics, as well as larger surgical equipment and machinery. We can rely on our fleet of specialist vehicles and experienced drivers to ensure we provide the best delivery solution.

Storage and fulfilment

Storage has become a real difficulty for hospitals, and suppliers who are already fighting for usable space. Storing goods and equipment on-site is particularly unmanageable for city hospitals and clinics and can work out incredibly expensive too. This is why we have developed our dedicated storage and fulfilment centre, conveniently located near major transport routes. Healthcare services can store their equipment off-site in our facilities, whist having the peace of mind that when equipment is needed, we will despatch it ASAP.

Finding the best solutions for the medical and healthcare sector

Many healthcare services have been let down by Royal Mail through the continued disruption this year. In many instances, this is because locating other reliable logistics services at a fair price is challenging and time consuming. SAE works with a wide range of partners and carriers to overcome this issue, so we can always provide you with the best solution to your particular needs.

SAE is very proud to be able to support our medical and healthcare clients with their courier, storage and fulfilment needs. If you are in this sector and looking for a fulfilment and/or delivery solution for your organisation, do get in touch. Telephone our medical logistics team on 01895 825258 or email us at