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December is a busy time for many businesses and at SAE we are helping our customers to say thank you to theirs, with an abundance of Christmas deliveries. With a sack full of Christmas greetings from happy customers already on display at SAE, our favourite messages are always those that affirm our commitment to a job well done. We had an especially lovely delivery waiting in our inbox this morning.
“I just wanted to say that SAE are absolutely brilliant. Their service is second to none and they have gone over and above what is expected. SAE personally contacted me on Friday night as their driver was unable to collect an item for me, due to a traffic gridlock in Birmingham. They waited for an hour and a half to try and collect the item, most delivery companies would have given up after 10 minutes. 

They were aware this was an urgent delivery as the item was required for Saturday afternoon. He kindly arranged (on Friday evening 7pm) for a timed same day delivery today. The item has already been collected and is on route to my house in plenty of time! I know SAE are a relatively small company compared with the likes of TNT/DHL, however their personal touch and communication has ensured that a parcel will be delivered on time, regardless of the problems they face. I want to personally thank SAE and their drivers for their assistance.

We always go the extra mile to ensure a delivery is made, but it is always a joy to hear that our customer service makes all the difference. If you are looking for that personal touch then don’t hesitate to get in touch.